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What were they thinking?

Antonio Villaraigosa is the latest politician to join the mayoral infidelity ranks. What was he thinking? He had a bright future as a politician. A little known fact, or at least little spoken of in the Latino community, is as we race to assimilate many choose to become Republican. As if this allegiance will instantly buy them cache in a society where their heritage doesn't. Villaraigosa's election meant the first step in showing the tide changing politically for Latinos. Today, I'm disappointed. As the article below points out he's doing a good job and isn't doing anything other mayors haven't done before him, so how much of a problem will it be for him? I hope not much, but personally I can't get over the lack of character a scandal like this displays, no matter who the mayor is (Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown, Antonio Villaraigosa etc.). If they are willing to disrespect a person close to them (a wife, a friend, both) why would I expect any loyalty as a voter?

I'm tired of these scandals rocking good politicians. Is it our own doing? We're holding on to 50's style values of what a candidate should look like. As the facade falls apart and we see the people beneath it we're disappointed. Haven't we as voters learned by now the stereotype just isn't feasible now a days. Do you really think its possible to work 60 hour weeks and have a healthy marriage? What kind of parent is a parent who's never there? Put the politics aside and think about your own home life what would happen if you took on a week like that? Then think about a month or years in that kind of life style, how would your marriage fare? We should just let these guys be people. If we elect them as they are instead of making them think they need the wife, kids, and dog to play the game then maybe the scandals will stop.

L.A.'s Villaraigosa stars in the latest mayoral soap opera


Live Concert Videos

You may not recognize several of the bands listed on this site. Its still worth the visit. If you go to the "concerts" page and point your cursor over one of the concerts featured to the left it will play without you loading another page or leaving your current one.

Awesome! What a great way to check out new music!

Fabchannel.com - live concert videos

What A Small Weird World We Live In

If it wasn't for the interweb and the Pop Candy blog I would never have known that Salman Rushdie and the host of "Top Chef" were ever married let alone getting a divorce. Who knew Rushdie was such a playa? Apparently, his marriage to the former model (almost half his age) was his fourth! That's right playa haters I said his FOURTH!

Don't be sayin' literature ain't sexy... I wonder how much his Bridget Jones cameos added to his game?

'Top Chef' Star and Salman Rushdie Divorcing - Splitsville for Padma Lakshmi and "Satanic Verses" author - Zap2it

Unfortunate Product Placement

Its no secret, or the worse guarded one, that Target is one of my favorite stores. I hope for their sake that they remove the wrestler themed toys based on Chris Beniot. If you were at a loss hearing the name, like me, you'll remember he's the wrestler who has been in the news lately for the murder of his family members. Its alleged that he suffered from 'Roid rage at the time.

TMZ notes some, now tasteless, accessories his action figure is currently merchandised with.

Chris Benoit Lives on ... at Target - TMZ.com

First McCartney & Now Sonic Youth

Starbuck's is increasing its cache. Does any one remember Thurston Moore's column in Sassy magazine?

SFGate: Daily Dish : Moore Defends Starbucks Record