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Ohmigwad, what's up with Anne Rice?

Hum, somewhere the 19 year old version of myself is crying. Anne Rice doesn't seem so appealing these days.

Searching Broadsheet

Recently, a friend of mine directed me to Salon.com for an article I just couldn't miss. He was surprised I hadn't seen it already since I was the one who introduced him to Salon years ago. I have to admit Salon's incompatibility with my anti-virius software had made me too lazy to access it. That's right I'm that lazy.

This morning while perusing Salon's Broadsheet column I came across an interesting article. Apparently the Catholic Church is considering asking good Catholics every where to boycott Amnesty International, an organization its funding help start. The Vatican is taking issue with Amnesty's assertion that international rape victims have abortion rights.

My reading of this article is timely. Last week a friend and I had a faith based bar discussion. She grew up mostly atheist and I Catholic. Though I've survived my own angst ridden adolescence with an acceptable (to me) sort of spiritualism my friend's journey continues (as does mine in a sense). Where is this tangent going? Well, I told her I always had this arrogant view of organized religion and a certain dislike of it. Until I had the chance to travel to Italy. Where in Assisi I had the chance to stay in a convent and meet some of the most open minded spiritual people I've ever met in my life, including clergy.

So articles like these always initially infuriate me. Until I remember that the Vatican is a kin to Bush's White House. I really hope this new proclamation concerning abortion rights is nothing more than posturing. And if it isn't... well it hasn't been a very good year for the church overall, has it?

TV Fall Updates Begin

I like Heroes. I actually think it saved my faith in television's ability to still entertain me last season, which is saying a lot because I've always loved t.v. Its always there...So I was excited at the latest Heroes news. Kristen Bell is joining the cast.

Not being a big Veronica Mars fan I wasn't always into KB. Until I realized she played a vicious little swindler on an episode of season two in Deadwood(forever a favorite). I'll reserve final judgment of her until about episode six of this season's Heroes.

In other t.v. news sounds like Flight of the Conchords has been renewed. And believe it or not, I was in doubt, t.v.s done some stupid things before and for some unknown reason not everyone is as enamored with Bret and Jermaine as I am(thought they will be...).

Hey! Maybe David Milch will come to his senses now that John from Cincinnati is officially over (like it ever really started) and start to write those Deadwood movies! One can dream...

Long Absence

August seems to have marked the month where my blogging became victim to my schedule. Between friends visiting and the awful realities of a "real" job things I take joy in inevitably fall to the side. Like most other people I tend to put my own "selfish" things second when people are in town. Thankfully, I have enough friends who do their own things to remind me its okay to make time for my stuff. So here I am...why is it we all have to be periodically reminded of these things? Welp, because we get caught up in the self-inflicted mock drama of it all. Or if your more exciting than I am then I suppose its real drama.

If you have friends or family in the SF Bay Area than they've told you not to visit until late August or early September. Certainly if the weather is a factor you consider when traveling you shouldn't come until then. The fog tends to burn off more often during these months and you just might catch our Indian Summer days. This weekend marks the beginning of a string of visitors and birthdays. So if your wondering (like any one reads this)where is she? I've opted for non-electronic socialization. Whatever that means...hey, maybe I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

Get out there. No matter where you are summer is almost over.