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Clooney Protests Himself

If Laglio, Italy is now a tourist attraction because of Clooney you'd think he could do more than just sign a petition. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an online version of the extended article that was in this morning's Chronicle. I know he isn't an Italian citizen (as far as I know), but he could use his clout to do more than just this.

SFGate: Daily Dish : Clooney Speaks Out About Lake Como Petition

Last Night T.V. Saved My Life

I started working this week and quickly realized that this isn't what I thought it was going to be. Needless to say Interwebbers, my search for the dream job will continue. When you haven't worked for a while working again is always a shock to the system. I really needed a break last night and some good mindless t.v. Working sucks.

Luckily for me hope came in the form of Flight of the Conchords. HBO's new Sunday night show about two guys from New Zealand and their digi-folk band. I was so ready for t.v. along the lines of Age of Love or Hell's Kitchen it being summer my expectations weren't very high. Instead I got t.v. along the lines of 30 Rock and Extras. With tears welling up in my eyes, as I sipped my second mojito, all I could eek out was, "th th thank you HBO, thank you." This is t.v. done Wes Anderson style (I'm stealing my friend John's clever observation). Visually "FOTC" is just fun to watch add to that silly yet brilliant songs and musical segues, and you have genius...pure genius.

If you don't have HBO (like me) and you don't have a friend with HBO (like John) than head over to HBO's site and watch the entire episode online. Its worth the effort.

No Doubt Is Recording

Perhaps Akon's antics were the catalyst that repelled Gwen back to her No Doubt roots. Whatever it was, yay!

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Wonder- ful!

No wonder she was my hero! Wonder woman looking hot.

Lynda Carter -- A Wonder of a Woman! - TMZ.com


John From Cincinnati Review

Dead in the Water: Television: The New Yorker

I'm not sure what to think about John From Cincinnati. My T.V. friend's and I have decide to reserve judgment until we've seen three episodes. This review is interesting because it talks about Milch as a write and references Deadwood.

Johnny Depp In Japan

YouTube - JapanProbe Update

Best interview I've seen in awhile! It for sure beat stupid Matt Lauer's interview of the Princes of Wales. What a waste of t.v. time that was. I think I ended up going to bed rather than sit through it. I mean I feel for them it sucks that their Mom was taken so young and she was a wonderful and giving person. But it was such a softball interview that I just couldn't handle it! At least change subjects... or show different pictures instead of the same sort of Dateline montage over and over again. Help me Jeebus!

Anyway, back to Johnny Depp. This is awesome I didn't know if I should blog it or put it in the video link at the side. Chances are you'll see it there next week. I just don't want it to fall off the page, because I know you're lazy Interwebbers and don't check out the achieves.

And this is that awesome!

Latest Teacher Turnover Numbers

Teachers not staying in the profession, report finds

The latest report shows that teachers are leaving the profession at the rate of 500,000 a year. Alarming yes; surprising no, sadly this is what happens when we don't put enough money into the resources they need. I've thought of teaching, but don't think I have patience enough to deal with all the obstacles at a pay rate that won't allow most teachers to live comfortably.