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She Doesn't Care

Lessing not impressed by Nobel Prize - Yahoo! News

Doris Lessing's comments on winning the Nobel are amusingly honest. Her new fiction reimagining her parents life without the influence of WWI sounds interesting.


Carrie Fisher Cares

I love Carrie Fisher. Not just for her iconic Star Wars role. I love her because she gave the world "Post Cards From The Edge." She is a brilliant writer and has a great sense of humor. I think her and Steve Martin are among with few who could actually admit to self-googling without fear.

Fan Interaction: When Carrie Fisher The Actress Met Carrie Fisher The Epileptic Dog - Defamer

Elvira T.V.

I loved watching Elvira when I was little. She was funny, the movies were funny or scary or both on a good day! So what are we to make of her new reality show? Well, if they can find a clone of her than I'm all for it. If not it sounds like a horrible idea. I grew up with the real thing if I ever meet Elvira I want it to be her Cassandra not a reality show winner.

After reading this article I totally have costume envy. Not only is she Elvira, but she had that cool Miss Kitty costume, lucky!

Welcome to her nightmare - Metromix Los Angeles TV