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Political Woes

By now the entire country has read the sordid details of Paris Hilton's jail saga. More interesting to me is the fallout Sheriff Lee Baca will now face in Los Angeles. Not that his actions haven't been called into question before, but this time by giving a reason so obviously transparent for her release, Baca has thrust himself into a national pop culture story that isn't likely to fall from the headlines for... well, at least 45 more days.

How ironic is it that a case involving someone of no real consequence turns to reveal the lack of consequence in the person who is suppose to be enforcing consequences in one of the largest cities in the country?


And Something For The Rest Of Us

Salon has an interesting article with Dr. Heta Kotb. She's a Muslim sex therapist with a weekly show airing in Egypt. In the article she discusses the many ways we are all like in the bedroom, her militant view on homosexuality, and the Quran's teachings about female sexuality.


You may have to view a sponsor message before being directed to the article.

Stuff For the Kiddies

Being an English major people are always asking me what I would recommend for kids. The only children's literature class I took focused more on subversive children's literature, but it at least open my eyes to another form that can be more interesting than adult fiction.

A couple new children's books are getting some well deserved recognition, and though I haven't read them myself, the topics and/or authors seem interesting. So give'em a try and let me know what you think...

Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews
About the life of legendary fashion designer Coco Channel. How an impoverished girl became a fashion diva. As Dr. Frank-n-Furter said, If you can dream it, be it!

What would you do if martins took your Mom? Would you miss her? This book has been criticized for not showing representations of working mothers, but what it does do is show kids to love before those you love are gone (thanks for the tip John B).


Arcade Fire and my lack of motivation

Yesterday, I thought of writing about my weekend outing to see Arcade Fire at Berkeley's Greek theater. However, we are in the middle of another freezing ass summer in the Bay Area which leaves me feeling unmotivated to do anything other than shuffle my feet across the room and plop down in front of the computer. Hey your gain! Right? Right?

The Arcade Fire played two nights in Berkeley. We went to Friday night's concert. Arcade Fire puts on a damn fine show. In case you aren't familiar with the band there are about 11 of them and a million instruments including a hurdy gurdy, accordion, some strings, horns, and a loud speaker. We didn't know very much about them before we bought the tickets (the offer came to me as a pre-sale event) other than David Bowie and Chaka Khan were fans. Three months later, we both have raved about their albums and were super excited to see the show.

They don't interact with the crowd very much other than to introduce songs. Win Butler, the lead male singer, yelled at the audience because the San Francisco fog shorted out his amp, and then played a song just for us from Six Feet Under. The Song is about their visit to San Francisco to bury his grandfather who was originally from here. Its a sweet somber song.

Anyway, my slough like movements precluded me from posting the following fun fact. Apparently, depending who you believe, Win Butler stole some guy's basketball right before Saturday night's concert. The online war began when the guy posted this blog with his accusation. Which is pretty funny, because it really is only $10 bucks to get into the RSF and because I'd think there are better things to do in Berkeley to pass the time other than go to the RSF. Win Butler not only denies taking the basketball but declared all out internet war and posted this response site.

The fun is in the comments on both sites which range from:

"I just think it is weird that so many guys are obsessed with Win Butler's balls."


"I think we are losing site of the real story. Which is of course, the revelation that Arcade Fire can play basketball? Sure, they put on perhaps the most athletic show ever, but who would have thought that realization of music and theater geeks everywhere also brings their game to the hoop court? This has got 'charity event' written all over it. Perhaps a wager?"

Check it out, check out their site, and check out their music. My favorite song by far is "Wake Up" (the link here is a version with David Bowie), although "Rebellion (Lies)" has gotten the most air play.


Mondays suck; the Fug Girls don't

Go Fug Yourself: Alison Goldfugg

Yikes! Check out the Nicole Richie fug on the home page while you're there.