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Vote 4 Flick

The first time I thought about discussing the Tracy Flick/Clinton video I came to the conclusion it was best to leave it alone. I hadn't seen the video but thought for sure a guy is responsible for this. A woman with any sort of political ambition is going to be compared to Tracy Flick's character in Election because its an easy way to make her look hysterical. Finally, this morning I gave into the temptation and looked at the video. And you know what, just like at the end of the movie. I actually want Tracy Flick to win because, as long as we are on the same side, I think Flick is the candidate who would be willing to do whatever it takes to get things done. And right now, that's what this country needs a candidate who is going to be able to fix a lot of what has been undone.

And if we are going to use Election to heighten our candidate's profiles in this presidential election couldn't Bush's presidency be viewed as what would happen if Paul Metzler defeated Tracy Flick? I mean wouldn't the nation then be just like crying for a president like Tracy Flick? And really isn't that the position we find ourselves in now?


Q: Are We Not Men?

This week I went with some friends to Mac Blast! The launch party for the mac version of Windows 08. A friend of mine who is a huge Devo fan found out they were playing and we all decided to try for one of the limited number of tickets which were offered to the public through a Devo fan site. Above should be video of their opening number. Sorry for the poor sound quality. I got my first smart phone for Christmas and am still trying to figure the thing out. I'm hoping my slow internet speed is the reason the video isn't looking too great for me.

Even though we had tickets we stood in line outside the venue for two hours so we could be among the first to get in. My friend had heard that there would be band freebies for the first two hundred. We watched as the line was separated into two by security guards and entertained ourselves by trying to guess who would turn to go into the strip club next door as they passed. This turned out to be more challenging than we thought it would be and we only got one person right. Then about an hour before the doors were set to open the line was divided again and a "friends of the band" line was created. We were really feeling rejected by not being chosen to be apart of that line. But we made it in! And were rewarded with a MacBlast/Devo t-shirt, Devo playing cards, and power point M&Ms (tasty). I've include the video the band played before their final song. Devo encouraged us to go home and become the epicenter for something "new." We should all go home and disconnect our computers from the internet and throw them out the window.

Awesome! Even though my first reaction when Devo took the stage was, "they're old!" They proved they still got it. I don't think I really appreciated Devo's music until I saw them that night. It was the first time I've seen them live and I'm so glad I got the chance to do it. I really wish I would have caught their performance of Uncontrollable Urge on video. It was the highlight of the night for me. Watching them while Mark Mothersbaugh ripped their contamination suits off and stripped them to their skaterish shorts and shirt uniforms. Below is the return of Booji Boy who apparently had been cryogenicaly frozen for this evening's performance of Beautiful World. Its even more surreal to see him appear as a white energy blob on the video because the stage light behind him drowns out his image.