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Our Governor's Latest Remarks

Schwarzenegger recently commented on English language immersion for Latino immigrants in the Bay Area. I understand that immigration is a very big national issue, however, the fact that Schwarzenegger thinks he has the answers because he himself is an immigrant is arrogant. This debate has been waged in this state since before he was ever born, and it surprises me that someone from Europe wouldn't endorse bilingual education. We are one of the few nations that don't encourage people to speak more than one language. Many countries take pride in their bilingual education efforts. For example, Ireland has adopted several steps to save their cultural language Gaelic, which would have become extinct without legislative efforts.

A couple of years ago Harper's ran an article outlining the dominating effect of English on the rest of the world. It's wiped out several global indigenous languages and even knocked Latin off its perch by becoming the language of most scientific nomenclature. English is not endanger of being forgotten, far from it. So let's stop hiding behind language as a shield for the climate of xenophobia this nation has endured since manifest destiny was achieved. I loved language, all languages, and I'm tired of politicians using them as cultural weapons.


Oprah Voted Most Powerful

Not so shocking... but the fact that she lost to Tom Cruise last year is. Isn't last year when he had his breakdown?

Cal Streakers

Apparently, this is now how you celebrate the end of finals at Cal. A friend of mine said students have been doing this for years now.

YouTube - Stacks Streakers


Pride In The City

Its that time of year again...time for Pride in the City! We have one of the largest pride celebrations in the United States here in San Francisco, and guess what? Were proud of it! Everyone has a good time at pride those Out and those of us who support them. Pride is one of the City's events that remains fun. Unlike Halloween, which has sadly been taken over by thugs, and recently been removed from City sanctioned events. But on to happier topics... besides the parade we have the Frameline LGBT film festival. It was as a part of this festival that I first saw the film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Nothing can beat the packed house at the Castro theater singing along to Wig In A Box! I'm so excited to see what they are offering this year.

This morning the Violet Blue sex columnist to the Chronicle posted this article on how to fly with your sex toys. I think some one should have posted something like this a long long long time ago. The article reminded me of a time when my Mom came out to visit long before September 11th. She was hosting a bachelorette party for her best friend in the weeks following her visit. I told her about the local sex shop that has taken a lot of the taboo out of fetish objects and porn, and made it more educational. You know, the neighborhood sex shop purveyors Good Vibrations.

We headed there to buy some goodies for the party. One of the things we bought was a ridiculously big (and I mean big) silicone dildo. Heading home my Mom put the penis ice trays and booby candy in her carry on along with the dildo. Sex toys don't come cheap and they aren't something you want to lose. Going through the security line the TSA agent stopped her luggage. The same agent then searched her luggage. He laughed and waived over a female agent they began to giggle and proceeded to call another agent over. By now the anger is building in my Mom because they're holding her up. Curiosity is one thing of course they were giggling the way we were in the sex shop, but they were doing it at work. Big difference. Also they didn't know if it was for her personal use and they were making a show of what was in the bag.

By this time, no longer going through the metal detector, Mom was at the end of the conveyor just waiting for them to finish. Having had enough she reached down into the bag pulled out the enormous dildo waved it in the air and started screaming, "Here is this what your laughing at? If you pull it out of the bag everyone can have a better look!" Their faces went white and the TSA Supervisor ran over. The Supervisor could not apologize enough, put the item back in the bag and wished my Mom a safe flight.

The moral? Well, if none of Violet's tricks work for you take control of the situation yourself. And hinting at a lawsuit wouldn't be bad either...

The TSA Hates Your Vibrator / How to safely fly with your sex toys


Summer Movies Dave Eggers Style

Summer Movies: Commando: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

I'm going to see Spider Man III (is it Spider Man or Spiderman ?) tonight so this is timely reading. Especially, since the Transformers movie will be coming out soon too. Oh and the Simpson's movie, and the Harry Potter movie...

Crowded House

LA Weekly - Jukebox - Crowded House - Time On Earth - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles

Crowded House will tour this summer for the first time since 1996. One of the first albums I owned was Crowded House's self titled debut, needless to say, I am super excited about this new tour! I was up early this Sunday to get the best tickets I could, and we paid for it too. Pete Yorn is opening for the band and he is another one of my favorites, so I justify the ticket price that way.

Anyway, the L.A. Weekly has four new Crowded House songs streaming. Their new album doesn't hit stores until July 10th.

Let me know what you think...

Oh, check out Scissors for Lefty while your there. I'm still deciding if I like them.


Random Monday

I'm not really sure why this crossed my mind today, although it was a pretty busy weekend and my mind might just be crashing from the mac n' cheese overload I put it through yesterday. Okay, indulge my tangent for a bit, we made a French mac n' cheese to take to a brunch pot luck yesterday. It had whole milk, whipping cream, gruyere, prosciutto, and parmesan in it. It rocked! So ate that, then went to a friend's BBQ where another friend made American mac n' cheese, which is pretty much the same except cheddar cheese and garlic croutons are thrown on top. So tasty! My arteries are probably crying today. Either that or all that cheese is creating a block and the normal amount of blood that usually would be sent up to my brain is actually cut in half!

All of which would explain why this crossed my mind today. I loved this movie when I was twelve. It is such a random way to remember Martin Sheen, but every time I see something written about the man this movie will enter into my thought process. I was surprised to even get the title right on the first try when searching for it! Here is the IMDB plot outline:

"An escaped mental patient kidnaps an illiterate teenage farm girl and takes her to his mountain hide-away, where they soon become friends and, eventually, lovers."

I love the dramatic comma pause, eventually, lovers. Like that can make up for the obvious plot direction you could see coming a mile away. Apparently, Linda Blair wanted then boyfriend Rick Springfield to play the role Sheen was given. That would have been all wrong! Or maybe not, maybe, that would have launched Springfield's acting career and instead of playing a small role on General Hospital he would have ended up playing the president on West Wing. Wow! But he still would have been all wrong because he can't do the cool jacket thing Sheen can. Poor Rick Springfield, he'll forever live in Martin's shadow.

Too bad there are no clips for the movie on YouTube and no plans to release it on dvd either otherwise I could welcome you to my messed up tween idea of romance.

Traveling Wilbury cds to be reissued

Wilburys set to travel again - USATODAY.com

For years I searched for these cds! Finally, I was able to get my hands on a copy of volume one. George Harrison's joke naming the second album "vol 3" must have thrown other fans off, as it did me, during the years the cds weren't available. I kept thinking is there a cd I don't know about?