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Your Turning Violet, Violet!

Online sex blogger Violet Blue recently wrote about her experience as a female porn expert on the Tyra Banks show. Here is her video diary

Neither Tyra Banks or Violet Blue are my favorite media divas however the account of their meeting proves interesting fodder in a myriad of ways. It confirms Tyra Banks' insanity and bipolar approach to her views as aired on her show. Often it seems like Tyra struggles to be an assertive talk show host with a strongly feminist view. Her topics are salacious and attempt to be cutting edge yet when you watch the show in its entirety she often backs way from taking an unusual or vocal assertive stance in favor of a more mundane big sister gloss over the real facts tell me where you got that skirt sort of banality. The fact that she changed her mind and skewed the show's message away from a honest discussion of porn and female sexuality shouldn't be such a shock to anyone who has been watching her shows the last year. Tyra has proven time and time again that she is unable to follow through with any sort of real discourse.