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San Francisco Bay View - Toni Morrison, who labeled Bill Clinton ‘1st Black president,’ backs Barack Obama

Wow, Toni Morrison has endorsed a candidate in this presidential election. Morrison's writings are among the greatest things this country has ever contributed to the world. Toni Morrison is brilliance it's self. For a while now, I've been meaning to post what this democratic primary means to me.

My Mom would often tell me when I was little, " you choose your battles by the number of enemies you face. You"re a woman first and a Latina second always remember that." And I've tried to live my life that way. I don't want more from society for woman. I want equal footing. From the beginning I loved Obama's message of change. As Super Tuesday looms, I started to waiver it'd be awesome to have a woman president. Clinton's moment of emotion on the campaign trail put me off (I refuse to call that crying). It was an obvious stunt, and it worked.

So what do you vote? Do you vote just to be proud? Out of a sense of recognition of your own identity. Or do you vote your conscious under the belief that the world has changed and the way we align ourselves must change as well?

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